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“There are Neos and there are REAL Neos!"


Andeavor After Neos

I guess we just like everything old (except us). We saw this beautiful Victorian house and could not resist. It was built around 1857 and probably burned by Order 11 in the Civil War. The gingerbread trim and additional tower and staircase were added on in 1880-1884. After that, ther were several various additions, but how and when is a mystery. Not as old as the Neapolitan Mastiff, but it seemed like a great place for raising Neos. So we did!

Our Neos live with us (or us with them) and have quite typical personalities for Neos. Love company for at least five minutes, then back to their business. Have bred Neos for near 20 years and think that a Neo should look like a Neo, not a lab or pug. Check out the News article on the home page to see what we look for.

Stop by and visit. Butler Missouri is the home of "Gods, Guns & Automobiles", the History Channel series about Max Motors. Oh!, and Andeavor After Neos!

John & Nancy

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“In order for something to get 'clean', something else has to get 'dirty'."


Our Mission

Real Neos!

When I first saw Neos, I was amazed. They looked and moved more like big cats than dogs. The black ones like jaguars, the tawny ones like lions. The size, the skin, the people personality. It was long before the AKC standard and one had to major in geometry to figure out the Italian standard. It took three years to figure out why one Neo looked real while others looked strange. It took another few years to be able to explain the difference. Sadly, many Neos are just wrong. Our mission is to breed a Neo that looks and acts right.

John & Nancy


Neos - 90%
Renovating - 50%
Cleaning - 10%
Design - 100%
HTML5 and CSS3 - 60%
Marketing - 70%



Twenty years ago, I got my first Neo. After a few years, I knew I would never get a different breed. I fell in love with Neos. When my first Neo and best friend, Mr. Bumpy, passed away, I cried every day for seven weeks. We do not know everything about Neos and never will. But, that is the beauty of a Neo, there is always something new to learn!


It is always fun to do a new renovation project. It is great to learn how to plaster, wallpaper, or to install tile. It's just that it does not seem to be as much fun the second time ... and third ... and fourth ... and fifth ...


This is one of the few areas of knowledge that Murphy was all too accurate.


If you like the design of this website, John is available to create one for you.

HTML5 and CSS3

Used to use Flash, now I am converting to HTML5 and CSS3 in order to have a "responsive" website that works on any size screen, including tablets and mobile.


Marketing is just a consequence of a beautiful well designed website. Contact John if you are interested in having him work on a website for you.

“Not all things can be clean, but all things can be dirty."


Our Work

  • HimVisible

    Nancy's books and lessons that teach a person to see God in Creation. Website designed by John.

  • Get Together Right

    John's book on how to find the right person for you. Avoids "primitive dating" and tells how to avoid messing up the perfect tools.

  • Future Plans

    We hope to add a bed and breakfast to our home and make it available to people travelling to pick up their puppies.


  • I read John's Get Together Right book and followed it's instructions. I can testify that it works. I married John!

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  • Wow! Your pups are in a class better than any others on Puppyfind!

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  • Your knowledge of Neos is much better than the Vet we had. Your recommendation of your Vet for "cherry eyes" saved us almost $1,000!

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We will eventually and rarely send a newsletter having tips on how to live with your Neo and other fascinating information. If you are interested, send us your email address and you will be put on our Newsletter list.

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Mail  info@aaneo.com

Phone  224 218-2226

Address  220 North Main Street
Butler, Missouri 64730

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