“There is no "I" in "team", but there is in "win", "victory" and "triumph".

-attributed to Murphy

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We are always talking about Neos! We love them. We sincerely want to see the breed look and act the way it is supposed to. Write or call us and ask our opinion. We will let you know what we think.

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  • Love Neos
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    Sorry, not hiring right now. But, when we do, this is the first place we will post our needs!

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    Our Team

    Loves puppies! Does a great job. It shows - the puppies love her.


    Takes care of web, parents, pups, and anything else. Notable for his exceptional humor.

    Jack of All Trades

    Knows more about breeding Neos and raising puppies than anyone else. Tough guy but loves pups!

    Best Parent a Pup Could Have

    Great knowledge of Neos and uncanny ability to know which pairs of parents make the best puppies.


    Our Work

    • HimVisible

      Nancy's books and lessons that teach a person to see God in Creation. Website designed by John.

    • Get Together Right

      John's book on how to find the right person for you. Avoids "primitive dating" and tells how to avoid messing up the perfect tools.

    • Future Plans

      We hope to add a bed and breakfast to our home and make it available to people travelling to pick up their puppies.


    • Our puppy looks better in person than the pictures. And the consideration in meeting us more than half way for person to person delivery is greatly appreciated.

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    • Wow! Your pups are in a class better than any others on Puppyfind!

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      Puppy Looker

    • Your knowledge of Neos is much better than the Vet we had. Your recommendation of your Vet for "cherry eyes" saved us almost $1,000!

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      Puppyfind Customer

      Puppy Buyer


    We will eventually and rarely send a newsletter having tips on how to live with your Neo and other fascinating information. If you are interested, send us your email address and you will be put on our Newsletter list.

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    Phone  224 218-2226

    Address  220 North Main Street
    Butler, Missouri 64730

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