Pedigrees are important. First of all, one wants to know if they are getting a true Neapolitan Mastiff. Without a Pedigree, one cannot know if a different breed of dog has contributed genes to their puppy. Genes do more than determine appearance. They determine temperment. For example, is there a "pitbull" in the ancestry? If there is, then the dog is not a Neapolitan Mastiff. It would be a band dog (cross between a Neo and a pit). I would NEVER have a band dog in my house. I would never trust a band dog with children! Neos are very laid back and considered a gentile giant. Beware of any mix of a large dog with a more agressive breed.

American Kennel Club

Neapolitan Mastiffs have been around since 3000 BC. AKC has not registered Neos until 2004! But AKC records go back before 2004 based on other registries and DNA testing. AKC DNA testing can verify a pup's parents with near certainty. Without certainty, breeding is guesswork. Consequently, we have decided to only raise AKC registered Neos. Find out more from AKC.


Breeding dogs has always been an art. But with modern DNA analysis, it can get even better. Since Neos grow for 4 years and are asymmetric growers, some of the best determinators of quality are the lineage and DNA of a pup's ancestors. Check out the Pedigrees of our dogs paying attention to the pictures of their ancestors. Learn what to look for. Champions are great because they are judged better than the competitors in that show. But many dogs are not even shown in the ring. Even non-champion dogs can be gorgeous. What the ancestors look like is the best indication of what your pup will mature into.

Andeavor After King Garoo

Garoo is a superb Neapolitan Mastiff. Perfect proportions, ample skin, perfect lips, great head and bone. He has a wonderful temperment. At two years old he was over 150 pounds and still putting on weight.

Andeavor After Queen Sheeba

Sheeba is a excellent Neapolitan Mastiff. Perfect proportions, good skin, decent lips, great head and decent bone. She has a wonderful temperment. At 33 months old she was over 120 pounds.


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