Web site is up and growing!

Web site is up at last!

Finally, the Andeavor After web site is up and running! This one is after four different templates. The first two were based on Flash and modified from photography web sites. The advantage of those were great graphics and pictures that adjusted for any size presentation. The first did not have mobile capabilities. The second did have mobile capabilities but recent non-support of Flash and browser incompatibilities doomed it. The third template was based on HTML5 and could run on mobile sites, but did not allow enough flexibility. Finally, the final site runs on HTML5 and CSS3. It works on mobile and regular computers. It has thousands of lines of code in the CSS alone. Of course it is not perfect. I like the flexibility but I do not like the way the background graphics vary relative to each other according to screen size.

Anyway, we are up and running and will be adding many features in the near future. If you check out our "Puppy Finder", you can sort the pups by availablle or sold, sex and color. They can also be sorted by sire or dam. We will add each new litter to the "Puppy Finder" so you will find more information as we expand.

We will be adding more pictures of puppies as their new owners send them to us. The next major addition will be pedigrees and pictures of many of our sire's or dam's ancestors. If you have any we do not, we would appreciate them so we can add them.


We will eventually and rarely send a newsletter having tips on how to live with your Neo and other fascinating information. If you are interested, send us your email address and you will be put on our Newsletter list.

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